Financial Institution Insurance

Bryte Insurance appreciates the complex nature of financial institutions and the ever-changing regulatory environment within they operate. To this end, we provide four primary insurance classes:

  1. D&O Liability includes:
    • Investigations and pre-claim expenses
    • Additional insured person protection
    • Additional limit for non-executive directors
    • Lifetime ERP for retired directors
    • Emergency defence costs
    • Civil fines and penalties
    • Company crisis and kidnap and response
    • Investment funds and portfolio companies
    • ERP 72 months
  2. Professional Liability includes:
    • Civil liability
    • Vicarious liability
    • Emergency defence costs
    • Costs of correction
    • Mitigation costs
    • Civil fines
    • Penalties and punitive
    • First settlement offer
    • Broad employee and insured definition
    • New entities and 90 days’ provisional cover
    • ERP 36 months’ run off subsidiaries
  3. Fraud Insurance (Crime) includes:
    • Internal fraud
    • Enhanced external fraud
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Mitigation costs
    • Broad extortion
    • Legal fees and audit expenses
    • New entities and 90 days’ provisional cover
    • Unlimited retro-cover
    • ERP 36 months’ run-off subsidiaries
  4. Liability for Private Equity and Investment Managers includes:
    • Management liability
    • Fund run-off liability
    • Independent directorship and run-off liability
    • Entry liability for securities claims
    • Professional civil and vicarious liability
    • Employment practices liability entity and insured person
    • General office liability
    • Internal and external fraud extension
    • Investigations and pre-claim expenses
    • Emergency costs and mitigation costs
    • ERP 36 months’ plus lifetime retired D&Os

Bryte appetite: We consider banks, private equity firms, asset managers, insurance companies and fund administrators.

Download the Bryte Financial Lines Brochure Here