Contractors Pollution Liability (“CPL”) Insurance

CPL Insurance provides cover for third-party claims caused by pollution events at project sites, arising from covered operations performed by or on behalf of the insured. Environmental hazards cannot always be foreseen. Operations performed by a contractor may result in claims for bodily injury or property damage because of the presence, escape, release or exacerbation of pollutants at a project site. Our CPL Insurance policy is available to a wide range of contractors on a project-specific basis or across a portfolio of contracting operations.

Target industries include:

  • General, industrial, commercial and residential contractors
  • Infrastructure (including road works, motorways construction, sewage and hospitals), demolition and abatement (lead and asbestos), excavation and grading
  • Negligent installation of industrial equipment containing hazardous materials
  • Trade contractors including plumbers, pipe and gas fitters, HVAC, paving and concrete
  • Speciality and industrial service contractors, including maintenance cleaning, mould, lead paint abatement, storage tank and pipeline installation and removal
  • Environmental contractors, including those responsible for remediation (in situ or ex situ), borehole sampling, air or water sampling, asbestos abatement and emergency response contractors
  • PPP, P3, PFI or similar project financed procurement

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