Environmental Damage and Pollution Legal Liability

Increasing public awareness and a growing list of environmental regulations mean businesses are held liable for their environmental footprints. This opens the door for potentially costly risks. Financial risks are not the only risks at stake. A company’s reputation, as well as criminal charges, must be considered. Environmental Damage and Pollution Legal Liability Insurance coupled with risk management strategies can help protect businesses against unforeseen environmental risks.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Clean-up costs relating to discovery and third-party liability for on-site and off-site pollution events
  • Environmental damage costs, which provide primary, compensatory and complementary remediation to restore environmental damage to protected species or natural habitats, surface water or groundwater and land
  • Personal injury and property damage, including third party diminution in property value
  • Loss prevention costs
  • Defence costs, which include claims expenses

Target industries include:

  • Manufacturing, including metal, chemical, high tech and electronics, plastics, textile and associated assembly, packaging, printing and labelling
  • Bulk storage, blending and distribution of chemicals and fuels
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Realty, including commercial, retail, light industrial, residential, municipal and institutional
  • Facility management, security and operation maintenance
  • Institutional facilities, including hospitals, laboratories, schools, colleges, universities, water treatment and works yards
  • Waste handling facilities, including:
    • Recyclers of residential waste, oil, solvents and electronic waste
    • Incinerators
    • Hazardous transfer, storage and disposal facilities
    • Landfills
    • Waste water treatment plants
    • Agricultural
    • Mining

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